Hey folks!

I’m gearing up to start a [hopefully] weekly, or at lest bi-weekly update schedule on the site here, for what I’m working on.  Not necessarily long updates – some might be just a few paragraphs with some pics, some might be longer (maybe even some video?).  Typically Iravelon-related, although I have other ideas and projects I’m also going to put up here as well (more on that in a minute).  I’ve typically been pretty bad about getting much out there on the project since the days when I was seeking help on the RPGVX forums.  Now years later the general public is on to bigger things like RPG Maker MV and such, though RPGVX and VX-Ace are still out there. 

Looking back, if I’d known as much about development as I do now when I started working on Iravelon, I might have built it from the ground up.  But it is what it is, it’s come way too far to go anywhere else before it’s done.  At least as far as Shades of Resonance is concerned.  Echoes of Influence (Iravelon Part 2) may or may not be in VX or VX-Ace, with Prominence of Aeons (Iravelon Part 3) and Age of Shadows (Iravelon Part 4). 

Iravelon doesn’t exist on its own either.  It exists as part of a bigger continuity.  I have other projects I’m toying with as well, some not even remotely related to Iravelon.

All that I can talk about later though.  In the meantime, I’ll be working on weekly updates starting this Friday, 7/13!  Like I said, don’t necessarily expect a massive information dump, but I’m thinking at least about giving an idea of what I’m working on and some general background on Iravelon as a whole.

Until then – MagusDuality.


EDIT: Oh, and I’m going to get that image slider working with some content this weekend. 😎 

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