Shades of Resonance

Ian, Lou, Zuzu, and Andrea are four young people who had been embroiled in a worldwide conflict with a monster horde. For centuries monsters had always been a nuisance, but only in the recent months had there been such a united movement against humanity.

After surviving a massive attack by the apparent monster leader, a mysterious being called Wrath, Ian and co. traveled to three sacred spots in remote areas of the world.
Having grown exponentially in their powers, they journeyed to face Wrath at his fortress. They confronted Wrath, receiving little resistance from his minions.

After an epic battle, they stood victorious over their foe. However, Wrath, though beaten, still maintained control over his abilities. Manipulating the very fabric of space and time, Wrath essentially reset time to a point before he had even begun his conquest of the world of Idavoll.

Being the only one who maintained knowledge of this reset, Wrath would begin to change the course of events in his favor so that Ian and his friends would not only fail to beat him, but be crushed beneath his power.

From this point on, Ian and his friends will be confronted by new foes, not knowing the true nature of the enemy that they face. However, Wrath’s own actions will go on to have far greater influence than even he could have imagined.

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