Music tracks (both those needed and those already in progress/completed):

Track: Information/Inspiration Composer Status Link
Iravelon Theme (Title Theme) Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Iravelon Theme
Iravelon Theme (Special Intro Version) Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Special Intro Version
Iravelon Love Theme Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Love Theme
Iravelon Theme (Guitar Version) Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Guitar Version
Iravelon Theme (Guitar Version+) Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Guitar Version+
End Credits Theme Daft Punk, Tron Legacy, same mood, less synth, more orchestral.
Overworld Theme Something overworld-y, adventurous.
Airship Theme A Catalyst_Chaos WIP Airship World Map Theme
Airship Theme B Contact (DS game), DoDonPachi – synth feel, driving, futuristic. Catalyst_Chaos WIP AirShip Theme
Boat Theme An offshoot of the Overworld theme, adventurous.
[Character Themes]
Shades dark, creepy, mysterious
Wrath sinister, alien Catalyst_Chaos WIP Wrath Theme
Xenocrates mysterious, mystical, alien – It Doesn’t Arrive – Emeralds,
Elder Brennan old, mystical, wise, general theme that can be used in discussions and such.
Murdoch quirky, …Katamari Forever… though not quite this extremely quirky. Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Murdoch
??? (Secret Boss) Mass Effect, Contact DS, Shadow Hearts Covenant
[Battle Themes]
Wrath Battle (Prologue Version) Catalyst_Chaos WIP Wrath Battle
General Battle (Prologue Version) Catalyst_Chaos WIP
General Battle Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II Catalyst_Chaos WIP Main Battle Theme (Updated)
Major Dungeon Boss Battle Catalyst_Chaos WIP
Shades Final Boss A Catalyst_Chaos WIP Shades Battle A
Shades Final Boss B Crono Cross Catalyst_Chaos WIP Shades Final Battle
Non-Major Dungeon Boss Agarest War, Baten Kaitos Origins Catalyst_Chaos WIP Boss Battle 2
Wrath’s Final Battle Catalyst_Chaos WIP Metal Boss Battle (Updated)
??? (Secret Boss Battle) Digital Devil Saga 2, SMT Nocturne, Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Ragdim (In Wartime) This version is more militaristic, dark. QueeZer COMPLETED Ragdim (In Wartime)
Wrath’s Castle Dark, militaristic, climactic. QueeZer WIP Wrath’s Castle
Temporal Shifter Electronic, strange, dark. Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Temporal Shifter
–Main Story–
Medager Continent
Ragdim The group’s hometown – warm, friendly. QueeZer COMPLETED Ragdim
Megian Forest Mystical, slow, unknown, light with an undertone of darkness. QueeZer COMPLETED Megian Forest
[DUNGEON 0] Megian Catacombs Dark, watery, echoic, tense. QueeZer COMPLETED Megian Catacombs
Merarces, the Port Town Port town style, lively, fun – The Last Remnant.
Merarces Lighthouse/Tower Ruins Quiet, soft echoes of militaristic, heroic music. Catalyst_Chaos WIP?
Ruined Ancestral Monument Quiet, mystical, (will be a version of the character theme in a future game). Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Merarces Monument
Western Ranch Country, ranch style.
[DUNGEON TWO] Vetupalor Swamp area, magical, mournful. QueeZer WIP Vetupalor
Glameies Continent
Cavum, the Mining Village Slow, melancholy, creepy, ruins of a snowy village.
Aldor, the Snowy Hamlet Light, somewhat melancholy undertones, snowy village. QueeZer COMPLETED Aldor, the Snowy Hamlet
[DUNGEON ONE] Ancient Mine Dark, echoic, creepy, a bit of a Zelda I dungeon-esque tune. QueeZer WIP
Esterra Continent
Esterran Castle Ruins Quiet, hollow, echoic, dark.
Esterran Mountainside Rough, ragged, rock-ish – inspiration – – Land of Chaos Online.
Esterran Tower Similar to Esterran Mountainside, sinister, darker, perhaps slower.
Arcusolis Continent
Nunajia, the Oasis Town Desert town, light, arid, sparse. Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Desert
[DUNGEON THREE] Maginculta Desert Arid, desert-ish, Egyptian, Techno undertone. QueeZer COMPLETED Maginculta
Derelarx Busy, light, Arabian, friendly, dry, desert city. QueeZer COMPLETED
Maginculta Pyramid Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Inside the Maginculta Pyramid
Ixion Magical, synth/technology sounding – inspiration – – Deus Ex. Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Ixion
Steralis Continent
Ice Cavern Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Ice Cavern
[FINAL DUNGEON] Resonant Tower Similar to Wrath’s Castle, less militaristic and more magical, smooth. Catalyst_Chaos WIP Resonant Tower
Torra Edge Mystical, strange, lightly creepy – edge of the world – Tales of Symphonia Catalyst_Chaos COMPLETED Dungeon
Sala Golden Sun

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