Signal, Week 8 – Progress

Sorry about last week – I was out and about, at Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA.  Good times to be had – you can see the best of many fandoms there. 

I go back and forth about whether I’d ever want to be more than just a fan (or drunken wanderer) at Dragon Con, or any such convention.  I can sometimes imagine visions of myself in front of a fairly large group of people, talking about my ideas or works.  Sometimes though, I imagine it’s better to be relatively anonymous, unknown, out of public attention.  Easier that way, right?


Either way, one will never happen if I don’t get something done, right?

So speaking of that, I just wanted to start a monthly (at least monthly, that is) progress update.  It’s all good to talk about my plans and ideas, but to talk about progress is something else.

While I do believe giving and discovering more about the background of Iravelon is important and significant, tangible results mean a lot.  Recently I’ve been working more on events and progressing the story.  To be honest, most of the world and the maps have been done for quite some time.  The first tedious truly tedious aspect of development is making sure events move forward in the right way.  And so I’m making sure everything from the beginning until after the first major dungeon (of four – used to be three) proceeds through all story elements – both overt and discoverable.  That’s what I’ve been doing – scripting events, figuring out enemy combinations, level balance, etc.  Like I said, it’s tedious.


Next week, I want to get into more of what place Iravelon has in the bigger universe of my stories.  I have other stories that reside in the same general timeline, even the same galaxy.  Some which even influence part of Iravelon’s namesake.

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