Signal, Week 3 – The Final Frontier

Wait, it’s Saturday.  Crap!

I spent a good bit of time earlier in the week writing up a few posts, but I haven’t had a chance to finish most of them or I want to wait until later to put out there.

So this week I’m going to say this:

Iravelon takes place on a planet.

No Mans Sky, which has planets that you can go to, came out with a serious update in the past week that has revamped the game in a multitude of ways, making the came into what most people thought it was meant to be at launch nearly two years ago.  Whether you’ve checked it out before or not, I would recommend looking into it again.  True multiplayer, bases built anywhere, graphics overhauls, etc.

So that’s what I’ve been doing (apart from work) for the past several days, and what I was doing yesterday when I was supposed to be posting stuff here.


Hey, let’s just say it’s research.  Research into environments, planets…

Yeah, let’s go with that.


Next week – look for another Signal plus some other discussion on Worldbuilding during the week!

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