Classicality – Part II – Closing

“Welcome to a world without song.”

Drakengard… is an interesting game. In a time dominated by Final Fantasy and other more… straightforward(?) RPGs, it was absolutely out on its own. And Yoko Taro’s insane genius at storytelling absolutely contributed. It’s a game that is best left experienced… but only if you have the patience. Like many aging games, it suffers from problems. Even still, it remains a journey in itself, even with its multiple endings (a staple of the Draken-Nier timeline and Yoko Taro’s work, as I will undoubtedly touch on in the future).

Drakengard, being the first of the ‘timeline’ of Yoko Taro’s games, features multiple endings. Without spoiling too much (I’ll leave it to your own delving), it is Ending E (the End of a dragon sphere) is unique, at least in my experience. I mean, hey… it’s not too often your final boss turns out to be a rhythm game… The music stands for itself… though it won’t provide the gaming PTSD of having to survive the Draconic (heh) ‘beat-mania’ of the final encounter for yourself. Check it out on YouTube if you have to, but know that it pales in comparison to doing it yourself…

Check it out here:

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